Snooki On Motherhood

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi
Would Snooki make a good mother?

What do fist-pumping, tanning, techno, and motherhood have in common? Absolutely nothing- which is exactly why I am having such a hard time understanding Snooki’s recent comment about wanting to become a mother. The MTV Jersey Shore star reportedly stated, “I wanna be married by 26, 27… get pregnant right away and have like, you know, four guido/guidette babies.”  She’s joking, right? Someone tell me she is joking!

Snooki also has strict standards for her future hubby. Lucky him. Snooki shares, “My ultimate guy would be hysterical, funny, makes me laugh, very family oriented, obviously tanned. He has to have muscles and just know how to have a good time.” Hopefully  ‘family oriendted’ will be more of a deciding factor than ‘tan,’ but who knows? This girl seems to be full of surprises, but I don’t see her trading in her hair-bump for a baby bump any time soon.

So you think Snooki would be a good mother, or is this a disaster waiting to happen?

Photo: PR Photos