Snooki Pumps Iron At The Smallest Gym Ever (Photo)


Snooki sure has a way of keeping her fans fooled!

The reality television star and celebrity mama has been so addicted to her workouts that she’s resorted to using her toddler son Lorenzo’s workout equipment whenever she can’t make it to the gym. LOL, kidding. The pint-sized health enthusiast shared a photo of her working out with Lorenzo’s bench station on her Instagram account with the caption:

Getting that swell on. Thanks Lorenzo for letting me barrow your bench!

Gotta love a celebrity with a sense of humor, right? But to be honest with you, this bench actually looks like it’s the perfect size for our Snooki, too! You get your workout on, girl!

Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 9.39.24 AM

Photos via Instagram 

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