Snooki Shows Off Her Amazing Post-Baby Weight Loss (Photos)


New mom Snooki Polizzi is sharing her post-baby weight loss story and is trying to inspire other new moms out there that yes, you can get your body after baby back, too.

The former Jersey Shore recently posted a few new photos of her amazing weight loss after giving birth to her son, Lorenzo. She wrote:

To all my pregnant ladies, IT IS possible to get your body back and better than ever after having a baby! All you need is motivation to workout & eat healthy! Anything is possible ❤

While I totally applaud Snooki’s hard work and determination and agree that yes, anything is possible, at the same time I’d like to remind her that every body works differently. While it took just a few short months for Snooki to lose the weight, it might take a few years for others. As long as your healthy and happy, it shouldn’t matter what your pant size is.

Check out our photos of Snooki’s latest Instagram photos and let us know what you think!

Photos via Instagram

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