Snooki Shows Us Who Lorenzos Twin Is!


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When it comes to Snooki and her son Lorenzo, it looks like the apple doesn’t fall too far away from the apple tree!

The reality television star and celebrity mom shared a side-by-side comparison of her as a baby next to a picture of her son Lorenzo and quite honestly we can’t tell the two apart. Lorenzo looks SO MUCH like his famous mommy!

But then again, as any mother would know, children do change on almost a daily basis when they’re young, right? I could have sworn that my own daughter was a carbon copy of myself but depending on the day (and her mood) she can also look exactly like her daddy, too.

Either way, Lorenzo is a handsome little boy and Baby Snooki was so adorable, wasn’t she? I can’t help but wonder when Snooki plans on giving Lorenzo a little brother or sister to play with at home. I love how she’s transformed herself from a Jersey party girl to one of the most responsible and committed mothers in the entertainment world.

Photos via Instagram

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