Snooki Takes Father's Words To Heart


Well, sort of. 

The “Jersey Shore” star discussed the repercussions of her recent run-ins with the law, and what her father has to say about his 22-year-old daughter’s drunken antics. After spending the night in the “drunk tank” for, well, being too drunk, Snooki has allegedly vowed to cut back on her drinking. Her liver sends its thanks in advance. 

If the massive hangover didn’t induce this decision, the disappointment of her family did. At a Los Angeles MTV press event, Snooki states, “It was a good wakeup call for me. It definitely embarrassed my family and that’s just not good.” Her father was especially upset with his fist-pumping princess. She explains, “He’s like, ‘I didn’t raise you like this.'” Now there’s a sigh of relief.

As if these realizations weren’t enough, Snooki has come up with a plan to avoid an incident like this ever happening again. The key to this supposed solution? “I’m going to stop drinking during the daytime. And now, when I go out, I only have a couple drinks.”  Brilliant. 

I guess, in Snooki’s case,  any step away from alcohol is a step in the right direction. Regardless, I can’t help but feel that a leap would be far more affective than a step. I wonder how Deena Nicole Cortese, the show’s newest cast member and longtime friend of Snooki, will affect these new drinking habits. Disaster seems unavoidable, but hopefully these two will prove me wrong! 

Photo: Pacific Coast News