Snooki Wants Another Baby - Very Soon!


snooki and lorenzo

Back when Jersey Shore first aired, no one would have imagined that the petite, hard-partying Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi would be ready to settle down to motherhood or marriage anytime soon.

How things can change. Now, not only has Snooki given up her excessive ways, she also adores her new role as mother to her six-month-old son, Lorenzo.

Not only that – she wants to give her boy a sibling as soon as possible!

“I want four kids, so I want to [get pregnant again] soon,” she recently told Us Weekly.

And why not? She credits her little guy with helping her grow as a person. “He’s made me so much more mature – he’s my life and all I think about,” she said.

Snooki won’t quite be following in the footsteps of Jessica Simpson and Tori Spelling, who conceived new babies within a few weeks of giving birth. But she and fiance Jionni LaValle are in the process of building a house (in Jersey, of course), and they plan to expand their family once they’re settled in the new abode. Snooki anticipates she’ll be a mother of two by mid-2014. By then, she and Jionni will very likely have gotten married, as well.

It sounds odd to mention the words “Snooki” and “domesticity” in the same breath – but this really does look like a whole new and happy life for the former wild child.

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