Weightlifting and Snooki… and that’s two words we thought we’d never hear together a few years ago!

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    Kourtney Kardashian has 8 things she would love to tell you! While Kourtney seems like the sister who has a very strong opnion open about her family and very strong willed. She also seems like the one who is a little more quiet and keeps some things to herself. This week she shared a little bit about herself via Instagram and Twitter, check out the photos !
  • She Loves Kids Art! 2 of 24
    She Loves Kids Art!
    The kids are always entertained. @kourtneykardash Arts and crafts time!
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • Creativity! 3 of 24
    With lots of options. @kourtneykardash The crafting station!
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • Loyal To Family! 4 of 24
    Loyal To Family!
    So proud of her sister. @kourtneykardash I spy @kimkardashian at the book store!
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • The Book! 5 of 24
    The Book!
    So proud of her sister! @kourtneykardash A little bit excited to spot our book at the book store! #kardashiankonfidential
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • Loves Fine Things! 6 of 24
    Loves Fine Things!
    Eco Conscious Mama. @kourtneykardash My new grocery bags! The little things we do for our planet!
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • Paintings 7 of 24
    Loves her art! @kourtneykardash A little French print! #vintagehunt
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • Vintage 8 of 24
    Loves good jewelry finds. @kourtneykardash Found this vintage coral treasure today!
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • Loves Nail Polish! 9 of 24
    Loves Nail Polish!
    ENjoys her line of nail polish. @kourtneykardash Khroma Beauty nail polish!
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • Loves To Take Photos! 10 of 24
    Loves To Take Photos!
    Has a sense of humor. @kourtneykardash Kissy kissy!
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • Vintage Kisses 11 of 24
    Vintage Kisses
    Enjoys connecting witht he finer things. @kourtneykardash I found my twin today! #vintagehunt
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • A Picture Is A Million Words! 12 of 24
    A Picture Is A Million Words!
    Whata a good sport. @kourtneykardash Someone remind me why I'm up at this hour when I don't feel well.
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • DASH 13 of 24
    Loves her new store! @kourtneykardash DASH LA! Erin Paxy in the background!
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • BIZ! 14 of 24
    Gives out credit when due! @kourtneykardash Our gorgeous DASH @dashboutique store! Thanks to Jeff Andrews!
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • Clothing Photos 15 of 24
    Clothing Photos
    Has cute clothes! @kourtneykardash Today's outfit! Leather shorts!
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • Loves Khloe! 16 of 24
    Loves Khloe!
    Not sure what is going on. @kourtneykardash Abigail and Amelia! @khloekardashian
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • Abigail and Amelia? 17 of 24
    Abigail and Amelia?
    Who is Abigail and Amelia? @kourtneykardash Abigail and Amelia caught! @khloekardashian
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • Serious Sisters 18 of 24
    Serious  Sisters
    Filtered photos. @kourtneykardash Abigail and Amelia! @khloekardashian #nofilter #goodlighting
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • Kissing Sisters 19 of 24
    Kissing Sisters
    Kisses! @kourtneykardash Sissy love. @khloekardashian
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • Silly Sisters 20 of 24
    Silly Sisters
    Silliness is good for the soul! @kourtneykardash Rockin Kendall and Kylie for PAC Sun. @khloekardashian @kendalljenner @kyliejenner and some Kardashian Kollection glasses.
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • Loves Style! 21 of 24
    Loves Style!
    Got bangs! @kourtneykardash Glam party with @makeupmatthew and Peter Savic cut me some bangs!
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • Friends! 22 of 24
    Great team! @kourtneykardash I love these people! @makeupmatthew Peter Savic!
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • Loves Scott! 23 of 24
    Loves Scott!
    Reminiscing. @kourtneykardash Throwback Thursday! My Mexican lover also known as LD. @scottdisick #cabo!
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • True Love! 24 of 24
    True Love!
    Team time! @kourtneykardash Even our iced teas are in love @scottdisick
    Photo Source: Instagram

(Photo Source : Instagram)
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