Snooki's Baby Bump Is MIA! (Photos)


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A pregnant Snooki poses with her friend.

Snooki’s bump has moved from her head to her stomach, and we can’t get enough of it!

It’s been quite a while since we last laid our eyes on the Jersey Shore star’s baby bump, but due to Snooki’s twitter presence, we laid our hands on a whole slew of new photos. But we have to ask – where’s the bump?

Not only did we get a look at new photos of Snooki and her “baby bump,” but we also get to see Snooki as a baby! Perhaps Snooki is keeping it healthy through her pregnancy and it’s just hard to spot. What do you think?

The new photos were taken on April 7, and Snooki looks a whole lot smaller than when Us Weekly announced her bun in the oven on March 7!

Take a look at the photos below and tell us what you think is going on!

  • Baby Snooki! 1 of 8
    Baby Snooki!
    A fan, @DASH_dollsxoxo, put this collage together for Snooki. Isn't it too cute for words?
  • Baby Bump 2 of 8
    Baby Bump
    It's been a few weeks since we saw a photo of Snooki and her baby bump! She is still not showing that much.
  • Huge Fan 3 of 8
    Huge Fan
    Snooki seems to be a big fan of Hello! Kitty. Could she be taking after Mariah Carey?
  • Parents-To-Be 4 of 8
    Jionni and Snooki posed together, but like we said before, there's hardly a baby bump! Snooki must be keepin' it healthy. Good for her!
  • The Infamous Croc! 5 of 8
    The Infamous Croc!
    Snooki tweeted, "Croc and I creepin on Jionni."
  • No Need For Heels 6 of 8
    No Need For Heels
    Snooki calls these shoes her "best accessory." What do you think?
  • Animal Print Snuggles 7 of 8
    Animal Print Snuggles
    Snooki loves cuddling with her animal print.
  • No Filter 8 of 8
    No Filter
    Snooki tweeted, "Kisses to my b**ches!"

[Photos via Twitter.]

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