Snooki's First Post Birth Photo! But When Will We See Lorenzo?

Snooki's First Post Birth Photo!

Snooki loves Twitter. The social media savvy mom was tweeting right out of the gate on the day her son Lorenzo was born. With over five million followers, Snooki has an active and appreciative audience. She has shared (or ‘overshared’ as some would say) such tidbits as the fact that she is breastfeeding (“I love nursing my little man!”), to be thrilled she can eat eggs again (“While I was pregnant I couldn’t even smell them! Now I’m killing it with egg whites!!! #YUM”), to having to wear adult diapers (“I’m legit an old lady. Rockin the diapers with that old lady gangsta lean”).

But one thing about all the tweets, they have been just word, not photos. Until now.

Snooki tweeted the adorable photo above which just happened to include two of her favorite things; an animal print and fake lashes. She posted the photo with the line, “Snuggled up in my fuzzy leopard robe.” One thing missing from the image though? Baby Lorenzo. But there is a good reason for that. Snooki, we’d assume, sold the rights to the first photos of her son to a magazine like Us Weekly or Life & Style for a large sum of money. We’ll probably be seeing her and Lorenzo smiling at us while we check out our local supermarkets any day now.

What magazine do you think scored the big Snooki baby reveal?

Photo Source: Twitter