Snooki's Perfect Baby Daddy: Justin Rego aka "Rated R" from The Bachelorette


Horrifying citizens of the world everywhere and New Jersey labor and delivery nurses in particular, Snooki of Jersey Shore confessed recently that “all she wants is babies” with a “Guido juicehead.” Does this gal not watch reality shows besides her own? Because her perfect man might currently be seen on ABC trying to woo The Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky. But, spoilers say it didn’t work out between professional wrestler Justin Rego aka Rated R and Fedotowsky so presumably he is still on the market. Here the top five reasons I think I’ve found Snooki’s perfect baby daddy AND a spoiler about why Rego is sent home, thereby not being the one to fulfill Fedotowsky’s own stated desire for children:

5) I’m not sure what a “Guido juicehead” is exactly, but I suspect Rated R might be one.

4) His nickname is “Rated R.”  Her nickname is “Snooki.”  That’s reason enough.

3) Maybe Rated R would hit it off with The Situation and The Situation could be the child’s godfather.  I think The Situation would make an awesome godfather.

2) Rated R keeps talking about how his own father left the family and never visited. Rated R has sworn on television to be a better father than that and I’d like to take him at his word.

1) Something tells me Snooki would fit in with the professional wrestling crowd.

Okay, so here’s how we know, per Reality Steve,” that Rated R isn’t the final one standing, besides the fact, well, he’s a professional wrestler and Ali doesn’t seem like that big of an idiot.  It’s the old “girlfriend at home / not here for the right reasons” storyline that ABC apparently has tired of yet.  (This Reality Steve guy always pretty much gets it right on Bachelor and Bachelorette spoilers.)

So, what do you think? Would Rated R and Snooki be perfect or what?