Snow Causes Metrodome To Collapse

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Snow Causes the Metrodome to Collapse.

As a child you often hope for a snow storm or a blizzard to come through town and cancel school for days on end. But never in my imagination have I ever heard of snow causing a building structure to collapse.

Today, a snow storm did just that in Minnesota when the Metrodome’s roof collapsed from the heavy amounts of snow.

The National Weather Service issued an alert Sunday for parts of the three states and regions along the Mississippi River, warning travelers of hazardous conditions caused by heavy snow, fierce winds and subzero temperatures.

In Minneapolis, the roof of the city’s 64,000-seat football stadium caved in, its iconic dome no longer visible after more than 17 inches of snow blanketed the Twin Cities since Friday.

A game between the New York Giants and Minnesota Vikings was postponed when concerns came about as early as Friday (Dec. 10). I suppose it was definitely a good idea to postpone the game.

Best of luck to everyone out in Minnesota, I hope all is well and no one is deeply injured.

Are you out in Minnesota? Have you ever experienced snow like this?