So Sweet! Pregnant Drew Barrymore Tries on Wedding Veils With Her Future Mom-in-Law (Photos)

Drew Barrymore Tries on Wedding Veils!

These photos are so incredibly sweet! On Friday a pregnant (but still staying mum about her mom-to-be-ness) Drew Barrymore went to the very fancy Suzanne Couture Millinery in New York City with her mother-in-law to be Coco to try on wedding veils!

Drew glowed and could not hide a big grin when trying on the veils and she seemed tempted by a hat in the process.  Drew will be getting married to Will Kopelman soon at her home in California.

Check out these touching and very sweet photos right here:

  • The Veil 1 of 7
    The Veil
    Drew looking very serious while trying on a flowing veil.
  • The Smile 2 of 7
    The Smile
    The smile she gives her mother-in-law to be is priceless. So sweet!
  • Adjustments 3 of 7
    The milliner adjusts the veil. And Drew can't hide her smile.
  • Hair Up 4 of 7
    Hair Up
    Then they put her hair up for a more formal look.
  • Traditional 5 of 7
    The veil speaks volumes about what kind of bride she will be - looks like she will go traditional!
  • Hat 6 of 7
    Even though she was there to try on veils, she got tempted by a hat!
  • The Girl 7 of 7
    The Girl
    And the little girl with her couldn't resist trying on a fascinator!