So, This Is What Pregnant Snooki's Maternity Style Will Look Like?

Snooki's Maternity Style!

When many of us heard that Snooki aka Nicole Polizzi was knocked up, one thought entered our minds…”what kind of crazy maternity style will Snooki have.” And I think we have our answer.

Snooki – who is reportedly pregnant – may not be “showing” yet but the outfit she wore while out and about with J-Wow seems to be an example of what we can expect.

The Jersey Shore star wore a tight pair of pants, bold red boots, a neon green detailed handbag, and a giant leopard print top – which she could totally wear for all nine months of her pregnancy.

Check out more pics of Snooki’s maternity style to be right here!

  • The Hair 1 of 4
    The Hair
    You know she'll keep the long hair through out her pregnancy. No soccer mom cut for this one!
  • The Clashing Colors 2 of 4
    The Clashing Colors
    The girl is NOT afraid of color and mixing it up. We'll for sure see more of that!
  • The Shirt 3 of 4
    The Shirt
    Doesn't this shirt just scream "I'm hiding a baby bump"?
  • The Makeup 4 of 4
    The Makeup
    And of course, no matter how big, how tired she gets, she'll be sporting a full face everywhere!