So, This is What Snooki is Craving While Pregnant! (Photos)

What is Snooki Craving?

There is one really great perk about being pregnant. You can indulge in things you may not have eaten before and have a way to rationalize it.

A lady, in the state of un-knocked-up-ness, may avoid something that is akin to a cavalcade of calories.  But when a woman is pregnant, many will see that as a green light to gorge – in moderation of course.

And Snooki, she’s only human! She too has succumbed to the siren song of sweets. Check out what she enjoyed on Friday night…
Yum. Yes, Y-U-M! Snooki tweeted this pic with the message, “Jionni knows how to please his pregnant fiancé -thanks babe @JLaValle.”

Photos: Twitter