Sofia Black D'Elia Defends MTV Skins: Do You Agree?

sofia black d'elia
Sofia Black D'Elia Defends MTV Skins

Sofia Black D’Elia is defending MTV’s Skins after the Parent Television Council (PTC) argued that it borders on child pornography. A few brands have pulled Skins ads from TV after the outrage over the show, including Taco Bell and Subway.

Sofia Black D’Elia plays a gay teen on the show, and she argues that Skins is an accurate reflection of what real-life teenagers are going through in their lives. She says, “It’s what teens are doing. It’s the way teenagers believe, I think, especially you know in certain situations when you come from home lives where your parents don’t really support you or really listen to you. That’s what most of these kids are going through. And so, um, the drugs and the sex, they’re vices, and that’s what teenagers have.”

It’s true that teens will always look for outlets and “vices”, but is Sofia Black D’Elia encouraging risky behaviors among high schoolers by defending what Skins represents?

Does Skins really show what goes on in the lives of typical teenagers, or is it shaping up to be just another bad example put forth by MTV?

Between Teen Mom and Skins, I have to admit that I’m completely and totally dreading my son’s teenage years for fear of what will be on MTV by then.