Sofia Vergara Is Cosmo's Cover Girl! She Talks Marriage, Kids, Style


June_2013_-_Sofia_VergaraSofia Vergara is one of those lucky women who seems to have it all with very little effort: beauty, talent, a successful career, business savvy – and a sense of humor that makes her so likeable. You’d think this was all the result of years of careful planning – but she swears it’s not so.

“I’ve never had a plan for anything,” Sofia tells Cosmopolitan in the June 2013 issue. But that doesn’t mean she plans on slowing down anytime soon. “I know I’m not going to get any more shows like Modern Family. If it ends in five years, it would be great to do movies and focus on my Kmart line. Maybe have a kid. But I am going to be working my whole life. I love making money. I really love it!”

Speaking of children, whatever became of that rumor that she was trying to have a baby with her fiance, Nick Loeb? Sofia explains that she did have her eggs frozen for future use. “I had to go to the doctor’s office a hundred million times to get injections. The [rumor] probably came from that,” she says. “My doctor had told me, ‘We have a small window.’ I said, ‘That’s so rude!’ ”

Don’t look for her to take a new-mom leave from the show anytime soon, however. “I don’t want to wait forever, but not yet, because I’m working like an animal,” says the actress. When the time does come, she’ll be following a path used by Giuliana Rancic and other celebs with health issues. “I will have to use a surrogate, because I had thyroid cancer and lots of radiation.”

Sofia is in no rush to walk down the aisle again, either. “He was already married with a big wedding and I was already married with a big wedding, so we’re going to do something, but not right now,” she tells the magazine. The surprise proposal took place in Mexico, where Sofia had already arranged a huge six-day bash for more than 100 family and friends to celebrate her 40th birthday. “If I had known I was going to get engaged, I [wouldn’t have done] this stupid birthday.”

Entering midlife, this sexy-but-sweet mom is comfortable knowing who she is and what suits her – particularly when it comes to style. “I have learned that not everything looks good on me because of my boobs,” Sofia explains. “Magazines will say, ‘She is wearing the same shape again.’ I’m like, yes! So what? My boobs are real. They’re a 32F. I can’t wear something backless, because what holds them up?”

For more from this funny, fabulous actress, check out the June issue of Cosmopolitan, on newsstands May 7.

[Photo: courtesy Cosmopolitan/Hearst]