Soleil Moon Frye Is Open To Letting Her Daughters Get Into Show Business

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Soleil Moon Frye opens up about child stardom and her new book, "Happy Chaos."

The Soleil Moon Frye we once knew as Punky Brewster has grown up and become a mother of her own. With a new book “Happy Chaos,” the 90s teen star is now an entrepreneur and social media maven that invites a little chaos into her life!

Check out this interview where Soleil opens up to Parade magazine and talks about her child stardom and if she’d ever let her daughters get into the business!

On her claim to fame as Punky Brewster.
“I totally embrace it because I love the character, Punky. She was spunky and such a fun character to play because she was full of love and life. I still hold her very close to my heart.”

Have her daugthers, Poet, 6, and Jagger, 3, ever seen an episode of Punky Brewster?
“They’ve caught a couple of exclusives on YouTube. They think it’s hysterical. Whenever I’m wearing braids, I’ll hear them calling me, ‘Punky,’ which is really funny.”

Her girls share Punky’s fashion sense.
“Totally. They’re all about the brighter the better, the shinier the better, and the sparkly the better. Basically, anything that’s bright and colorful.”

Her thoughts on child stardom.
“I think it’s really important to look at all of the kids who turned out fantastic. More kids turn out great, I think we just hear more about the negative ones. There are far more positive stories that come out of Hollywood, but they don’t sell magazines. That said, I think kids should always just enjoy being a kid. One of the things my mom did was force us to go to summer camp, which was the best experience of our lives. She wouldn’t let us work in the summer even if we wanted to.”

On whether she’d want her daughters to go into show business.
“If they were anything like I was growing up, then I’d have no choice [laughing]. My 6-year-old loves doing theater. If they want to sing, write, design, whatever it is as long as they’re following their passions and hearts and doing what they love then I’m all for it. It’s also important for me to encourage them to be aware of work. When we go out, we have a budget. To have them aware and doing the math, it’s important. So if they want to act or sing or whatever, they’ll have the tools to fall back on. To have a sense of education and ethics is important.”

On her new book Happy Chaos.
“The majority of the parenting books I read spoke to me in a way that said, ‘This is how to do this, and this is how you do that.’ There was nothing in those parenting books that told me what was going to happen in the hospital. Nobody told me about the ice packs, mesh panties, or that you could have an accident on the table. Not even my friends told me. I was like, ‘How do we not share this? It should be like a sisterhood.'”

On being a positive role model to her daughters.
“We definitely talk about the things that happen to our bodies. They ask me questions and I’m very honest. I believe the best thing to do is to lead by example. We don’t realize that what they see us doing directly affects them. Leading by example helps build their self-confidence. If they see mom eating and enjoying that slice of cake, that’s great. And if they see her taking a walk or going to the farmer’s market and buying organic veggies, that’s great, too. It’s just finding that balance. As parents, we don’t realize that kids pick up from us, and if we’re really hard on ourselves or our health, that’s probably going to be the biggest impact. Sometimes you just have to look within.”

To read the entire interview, click here.

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