Soleil Moon Frye Talks Environment and Motherhood


Remember Punky Brewster?  Well, the precocious kid star, Soleil Moon Frye, is all grown up now. She’s a mother of two — Poet, 4, and Jagger, 2-1/2 — has been married 11 years and owns the environmentally friendly children’s boutique The Little Seed. So what constitutes a children’s specialty store that is good for the environment?  And what value is Frye instilling in her girls?

Says Frye: “This is literally my other baby. My partner Paige and I searched the globe for non toxic alternatives for our kids, because we didn’t know what was safe to put on our babies or what was toxic in our environment. We thought if we were feeling this way, others moms probably were too. With our products, moms don’t need to worry if baby puts it in his or her mouth. We offer so many fun things including clothing, bedding, toys, baby carriers, and more.”

Frye also has an opinion on raising girls with self-esteem:

“You know I think it is really important for them to have a sense of self and that they are there own beings. I really encourage them to explore what they love, and do what they love, and dance, and be free and to have the earth under their feet. For us a big part of that is to give back. For example, Poet was very aware of the earthquake in Haiti and wanted to do something. I encouraged that – and we knew of a doctor that was going to Haiti – so she saved some money from doing chores around the house and gave the $8 and some pictures she drew to the doctor to bring to Haiti. It helps so much for their dignity, self worth and wisdom.”

Read the full interview with Frye here.


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