Sorry Baby, Jennifer Aniston Ain't Adopting You


That Mexican baby that Jennifer Aniston was supposed to be adopting? Well, the kid is gonna have to wait. The single actress who was recently seen smiling on the cover of Star Magazine with the headline “Yes, I’m adopting,” isn’t.

While on Ellen promoting Just Go With It, Jennifer Aniston addressed the rumors. Ellen coyly asked Jennifer is she was planning on adopting a puppy… “I think you’re confusing that with the Mexican child I’m supposedly adopting,” Jennifer cheerfully replied.

“No, I’m not adopting a Mexican child,” Aniston  told Ellen. “Adam Sandler adopted four last week and that never even got mentioned! No, I’m not adopting any children.” And she not even adding another dog to her household. Maybe there is a lucky goldfish out there she can adopt instead.

Photo: PRPhotos