Source Code Review Round-up: Plus Watch The Source Code Trailer


source code reviewI’m already a fan of The Source Code movie because Jake Gyllenhaal is in it, but maybe that’s not a fair assessment of what the critics are saying in the Source Code reviews.

Here’s what the critics have to say about The Source Code, plus watch The Source Code trailer, in case you want more info about the movie than that Jake Gyllenhaall is the star:

Rogert Ebert: “…Gyllenhaal and Monaghan are adept at playing their variations on the eight minutes, and here’s a movie where you forgive the preposterous because it takes you to the perplexing.”

Entertainment WeeklySource Code bats around interesting philosophical ideas about the elasticity of time, and the director finds moments of humor in unlikely corners of that train of fools. The movie is also, as time goes by, about less than it thinks it is.

USAToday: “Though ads give it a time-travel focus, Source Code is a high-octane mind game best enjoyed by following a key character’s advice: ‘The Source Code is a gift. Don’t squander it by thinking.'”