Sources Confirm Mariah Carey Pregnant With Baby Boy!

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Mariah Carey Is Expecting A Baby Boy

It’s been the talk of the town for nearly the past six months, but sources finally confirm that Mariah Carey is pregnant with a baby boy!

Mariah Carey kept quiet about the news due to her superstition. She plans to make the announcement while promoting her new album Merry Christimas II You.

The source explains:

“She’s having a boy, but the reason that Mariah didn’t want to say anything is because she is 40, and she’s superstitious. But she’s going to appear on Oprah and The View, so she’s planning on making the announcement soon. They haven’t decided whether they’ll raise the baby in New York or Los Angeles. The fertility drugs were the reason for her weight gain earlier this year. She stopped drinking back in March or April this year.”

The only thing left to see is an actually announcement from Mariah herself! Congratulations to the happy couple!

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