Sources Dish on Karena Gore's Marriage, Why Al Gore Bought Mansion


I don’t know about you, but I’m about as interested in Karena Gore’s marital woes as I am about why rice is white. In other words, not very. But if you are, sources are talking about why her marriage to Andrew Schiff is in the toilet. More interestingly, everyone was scratching their heads about why Al and Tipper Gore bought a $9 million mansion in California late last year if they were discussing ending their marriage.  Both scoops next.

A family friend says of Karena Gore’s separation: it was “not a surprise for me… I’m not saying they didn’t love each other, but they got married so young, and I think what kept them together was their action-packed lives.”

Another says the parents of three are “lovely people, but restless souls–Karenna especially. I think she’s always been looking for a place [in the sun] for herself … I think finding fulfillment in addition to raising a family is very difficult.”


Now, as to why the elder Gores would purchase a (probably high carbon footprint) mega-mansion in California if there were problems, here’s what one source suggests: The property was bought “with the specific intention of giving Tipper a suitable home for herself after they announced their separation.”

Suitable indeed!  For her and her closest 20 friends.

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