Speak Now Does This Mean Taylor Swift Is All Grown Up?


Taylor Swift’s new album Speak Now is making waves. Her songs are very personal, very her and very scandalous, everyone seems to be trying to figure out who The Story of Us, Sparks Fly and Better Then Revenge are all about. But the release goes beyond making a new hit record, fodder for gossip mags and a new pop culture touchstone,  it’s a coming of age story for Taylor Swift.

Throughout her career she has been seen as a teen, a young lady, a kid. But now she is a woman. She’s out of her teen years at the ripe old age of twenty and is about to turn 21 on December 13th. She’s writing all her own songs. And she’d living like an adult now with her first very own apartment. And she’s wildly successful. Proving to her parents that she made the right choice.

Her parents are both in finance and always thought there little girl would follow in their footsteps and become something like  a stock broker. But she’s doing something completely and totally different. Independent in ambition, talent and now living on her own, Taylor Swift is no longer a girl, she is a full grown woman.

Photos: PCN

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