Special Agent Booth Has The Swine Flu!


david-boreanaz-sonProduction was halted on Fox’s gross-out forensic comedy-drama Bones Monday after David Boreanaz, aka Special Agent Booth, came down with “swine flu-like symptoms.” Will real forensic experts be called in to help track down how Boreanaz, who became a daddy for the second time last month, was exposed to the pig flu?

Apparently, the production shut down as a safety precaution and a Fox reps has since tried to keep a lid on the H1N1  hype, but hey — once the words “swine flu” hit the internet, there’s no playing it down. Said a rep:

“David is out with the flu and the show shut down today since he was in every scene,” the spokesman said. “We hope to resume production tomorrow.”

Whatever it is that he came down with, here’s wishing David a speedy recovery… first and foremost for his family, but secondly, so his fellow cast members don’t burn him at the stake. Hart Hanson, the show’s creator Tweeted this yesterday:

“First time in ‘Bones’ history we are shut down from production. Damn swine flu!  That’s gonna cut into Christmas hiatus.”

David and his wife Jamie have two kids: Jaden, 7, and Bardot, 1 month.