Spencer Grammer Says Pregnancy is Like a Science Experiment That Should Be Enjoyed


spencer grammer pregnantSpencer Grammer is enjoying her pregnancy so far. The “Greek” star and daughter of Kelsey Grammer is five-and-a-half months along.

Of her pregnancy, Spencer says, “It’s a great, beautiful thing that I’m really enjoying, and think every woman should enjoy.” Hmmm, sounds like Spencer didn’t have to deal with morning sickness or extreme exhaustion like some expectant mothers do.

Spencer compares pregnacy to being “like a science project” because of all of the changes in our pregnant bodies when we are carrying a baby.  That, I’ll agree with!

As she and husband James Hesketh get ready to welcome their first baby, Spencer says she hasn’t asked her father for too much parenting advice, that “He’s been pretty busy with his own stuff and his life.”

Oh, yes, Kelsey Grammer has had enough drama to deal with! Let’s hope that Spencer and James have a lot less drama surrounding their marriage and kids!

Photo: PRPhotos

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