Spice Girl Melanie Brown Only Allows Junk Food On Fridays

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Melanie Brown only allows junk food on Fridays!

Spice Girl Melanie Brown already has a lot to juggle with with her girls Phoenix Chi, 12, Angel Iris, 4, newborn Madison and stepdaughter Giselle, 7. So when it comes to letting them get their way, she is definitely no pushover. And one of her rules is that junk food is only allowed on Fridays.

“They have candy day on Friday, so they don’t get junk all week long,” Mel tells Hello!, adding that she limits screen time as well. “If they’ve been good all week, they’ll have a treat. Angel has an iPad, seeing a kid with a flat-screen at four years old is a bit crazy, but if she’s been good all week, she’ll play with it for a few hours on Friday and that’s it…. Some parents go for the easy route of, ‘Oh have it, I’m busy’, but I’m not like that.”

How do you dictate your childs’ lives?

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