Spiderman Director "Exhausted": Can the Musical be Saved?

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Spiderman Director Julie Taymor exhausted

Producers of the beleaguered $65 million musical, “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark,” may be hiring a co-director, according to the rumors.

But are they true?

The Spiderman director is Julie Taymor, who created “Lion King”.

Producers are rumoured to be hiring a co-director.  New York Post said that producers approached Phil McKinley, who helmed The Boy From Oz, to join forces with Taymor.

McKinley, who is best known for directing Hugh Jackman to a Tony in “The Boy from Oz” is rumoured to sign on although no deal has been announced.

But producers have denied the New York Post report, but that they are trying to get the musical back on track by hiring Paul Bogaev as a consultant for vocals and sounds.

Sources say that Taymor is “exhausted” by all the trouble the show has had.

Taymor has described the show, with U2’s Bono and The Edge composing the score, as a “circus, rock and roll drama.”

Drama for sure – four cast members have suffered injuries during the show’s high-flying stunts.

Can Spiderman the musical be saved?