Spike Jonze, John Krasinksi & Glees Dianna Agron Are Spelling Bee Cheaters!


Now, one would usually think that ‘cheating’ was not the right trait to instill in kids. Generally it’s a frowned upon practice that just leads to trouble like getting an F, being expelled of perhaps grounded for a week or two. But there are instances where cheating is actually a good thing. Director Spike Jonze, The Office‘s John Krasinksi & Glee’s Dianna Agron are hoping to cheat their way to winning but for a good reason… It’s all for the kids.

These three luminaries, along with oodles of would be spellers and cheaters, will be participating in 826LA’s big fundraiser  –A Spelling Bee for Cheaters : A Tournament of Verbal Smarts and Fraudulence – this August 14th at Lincoln Middle School in Santa Monica.  The creators of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee are co-hosting the event and all proceeds go to 826LA‘s writing and tutoring programs for Los Angeles kids age 6-18.

So where does the ‘cheating’ come in? The more money a team raises, the more cheating perks you get, like the option of picking a new word (if you raise $500), ability to reference a dictionary (if you raise $750), a free pass on a misspelled word (if you raise $6,000) and immunity (if you raise $25,000).

You can find out more about the event here or if you’d like to give some money and help Spike Jonze, John Krasinksi or Dianna Agron cheat to win you can do so here.