Spotted: Camilla Alves Keeps Vida Under Wraps


Camilla Alves was spotted yesterday taking Levi and Vida to visit their dad, Matthew McConaughey, in Venice Beach. With them is Matthew’s mother, Mary Kathleen McConaughey, carrying Levi.

Check out the picture of Camilla. At first glance, I thought she might be breastfeeding Vida while walking, which would explain why she is keeping her under wraps. If so, color me seriously impressed. When I was breastfeeding my kids, conditions had to be perfect. I had to be sitting in the right chair, with the right pillow, with the ringer on the phone turned off and the volume on the television set at a precise level. Oh, and no one could talk to me. Walking around was definitely out of the question.

But on second glance, she may just have a sleeping Vida shielded from the sun–or hiding from all the flash bulbs. Hmmm…hard to tell. More pictures of Camilla Alves maybe breastfeeding, maybe not on the next page.

Source/Photos: Pacific Coast News