Spotted! Eric Dane Out To Lunch With His Ladies Rebecca Gayheart And Billie Beatrice Dane! (Photos)

Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart

Boy, I have missed seeing Eric Dane on Grey’s Anatomy!  It just seems like something is missing. But, it is really nice to see him healthy and enjoying his time with his family. I had the chance to meet Eric a few years ago at Brooke and Charlie Sheen’s baby shower.  He was extremely friendly and very nice!  Kind of like his character on Grey’s. Rebecca Gayheart, Eric and their oldest daughter, Billie Beatrice, had a special lunch date in Los Angeles.

Check out the photos below!

  • ADORABLE DUO! 1 of 5
    What a papa holding onto his pink princess!
  • High Heels? 2 of 5
    High Heels?
    Wow! I don't think I realized how much talled Eric was! Rebecca need stilettos to get to his shoulders!
  • Mommy Kisses 3 of 5
    Mommy Kisses
    Billie is giving mom a kiss! So Sweet!
  • Grey! 4 of 5
    Grey buttoned shirt, Grey jeans... Do you think Eric is missing Grey's Anatomy?
  • Smooches!! 5 of 5
    It is sooo sweet to see Eric give Rebecca a kiss goodbye! It is so easy to forget to do that!

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )

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