Spotted: Harrison Ford Makes a School Run With Liam


Harrison Ford was spotted making a school run last Friday, picking up 9-year-old son Liam Flockhart from school. Can you think of anything cooler than having Harrison Ford pick you up from school? I mean, that kid gets to say things like ‘Oh look, there’s my dad, Indiana Jones.’ Or, ‘Gotta run–Han Solo is here to take me home’.

And yet, by the looks of things, Liam has reached that age where he no longer wants to be right next to his parents. In fact, he is doing the kid thing of walking with Ford, but also being abut six or eight steps away from him at all times. Which is crazy to me, because if he were my dad, I’d be having light saber fights with him on every playground in California. (Yes, I know Han Solo never used a light saber. But don’t you figure he was dying to?)

More photos of Liam squandering the opportunity I’ve always dreamed of on the next page.


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