Spotted: Nick Nolte and Sophia - And Other Older Dads


nick nolteNick Nolte, 69, was spotted with his two-year-old daughter Sophie Lane Nolte and long-time partner Clytie Lane on their way to catch an international flight out of LAX.  A good reminder men don’t have those pesky biological clock issues.  But Nolte isn’t the only dad in Hollywood who’s a bit long in the tooth. Let’s take a look at some other older dads among the jet set.


Mel Gibson, 54, has eight, count ’em, EIGHT kids, the youngest of which is six-month-old daughter Lucia, pictured below with mom Oksana Grigorieva.

Michael Douglas, 65, has two younger children with wife Catherine Zeta Jones, Dylan Michael, 10, and Carys Zeta, 7.  Douglas has an older troubled son and has said he’s been a more present father the second time around.

Hugh Hefner was in his mid-60s when his two sons Marston and Cooper with ex-wife Kimberly Hefner were born.

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