Spotted: Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban With Sunday Rose


Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban were spotted taking little Sunday Rose out for ice cream in Studio City, California yesterday. In the battle of ‘which of my parents will be my style icon’, Nicole Kidman is winning by a landslide (Did you have any doubt she would?) Sunday is always dressed beautifully, if in a slightly prim manner, with her hair carefully in place–just like mom. Don’t count on her following dad’s lead and wearing distressed rocker Ts any time soon.

That said, I think Nicole Kidman has found a happy medium between dressing Sunday with a level of formality and still having her in clothes that seem like they belong to a kid. Her dresses, while lovely, aren’t really something I’d wear as an adult. Unlike Suri Cruise, whose wardrobe–right down to the pig slippers–I’d kill to have hanging in my closet.

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Photos: MATEI/