Spotted: Paul McCartney & Daughter Beatrice


I feel like Paul McCartney’s daughter is almost never photographed. In fact, when I first saw this I thought “Who is that kid with Sir Paul,” followed by “OMG, Paul has a daughter that young,” followed by “Oh, yeah.”

Let’s take a look at some quick facts about six year old Beatrice:

-Her mom is Heather Mills and her half sister is designer Stella McCartney

-For Xmas one year, Paul bought her an expensive sound system, karaoke machine, mini car, Barbie dolls, clothes, electric guitar and keyboard.

-She reportedly likes Beatles’ rival the Beach Boys (gasp!).

-She’s a vegan just like her mom.

-Her favorite movie is Shrek and she will be singing a duet with her dad on the 4th film’s soundtrack!