Spotted: The Hilton Family Dine in Beverly Hills


The Hilton family was spotted having dinner at Dan Tana’s in Beverly Hills last night. William Barron Hilton, the former-co-chair of Hilton Hotels and original owner of the San Diego Chargers, was preset along with his more famous–and infamous–granddaughter, Paris.

Now, it is really, really hard to think of Paris as being someone’s daughter and granddaughter. I mean, between the sex tapes and the DUI arrest, and the overall boorish behavior, in any other family, she’d be the one you didn’t want to sit next to at Christmas dinner. Indeed, it has been said that Grandpa Hilton is somewhat displeased with the type of notoriety that Paris has brought to the family. But judging from these photos, it seems like she is doing her level best to behave respectably in front of her elders.

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Photos: The Media Circuit/