Spotted! What Was Kate Gosselin Doing In Cabo With Her Bodyguard?


Mom of eight, Kate Gosselin, was spotted in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with her constant companion, her bodyguard Steve Neild. What were they doing in this paradise south of the border?

Apparently doing some work in this romantic beach side hot spot. Kate and Steve were there for four days, reportedly looking very relaxed and very “at ease with one another.” But the two are supposedly just good friends and Steve had been her bodyguard for years.

Kate is also very close with Steve’s wife Gina and calls them “best friends.” But would you want your husband jetting off to Mexico with a single and ready to mingle lady? Let’s hope that Steve and Gina have a strong relationship and that all the media speculation over the years that there is something more than a platonic work relationship between the two doesn’t put a damper on their marriage.  And one wonders what the kids think of Uncle Steve, they probably end up seeing him more than their own father.  Let’s hope he brings some stability to the kid’s lives. But will he be their future step-father? I think not.

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