Spring Equinox: Celebs Evacuate LA on First Day of Spring 2011?

spring equinox
Spring Equinox Has Celebs Evacuating LA?

How are you celebrating the Spring Equinox, or first day of Spring 2011? It was officially yesterday, and while many of us across the country were enjoying sunshine and gorgeous weather, the west coast was another story.

Los Angeles has experienced a ton of rain over the past few days, resulting in flooding of many roads. There are even reports of some neighborhoods being evacuated. Did our favorite celebs spend the first day of spring 2011 getting out of LA?

The hardest hit areas were around Ventura and Santa Barbara, with over 10 inches of rain. Santa Monica and Malibu have also been affected, and many celebrities have homes in those areas as well.

California usually has great weather, but I’m sure happy to be an east coaster this week!