St. Nicholas Day Celebration

St. Nicholas Day
St. Nicholas or Santa Claus : Christmas is almost here!

Today is St. Nicholas Day. You no doubt know that St. Nicholas is another name for Santa Claus. But, do you know what St. Nicholas Day is about?

To celebrate, you clean and polish boots and then leave them out for St. Nicholas to fill with candy or small treats. Though it’s not as commonly celebrated in the United States, it can be.

Countries like Greece, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Poland, Austria, France, and the Czech Republic honor St. Nicholas on December 6th each year, just to name a few.

While St. Nicholas or St. Nick or Nikolaustag or Santa Clause or whatever name you give him doesn’t make his appearance in the US until Christmas Eve, the holiday is just around the corner.

This might be a good way to have your kids clean their boots or their shoes. Maybe last year’s boots don’t fit still. Have your children clean them to donate to a child who needs them. As a reward, St. Nicholas can bring them candy in the cleaned boots.

Do you celebrate St. Nicholas Day?