Stamatina, Honeyblossom, And Mungo: Celebrities With Weird Middle Names (Photos)

90760PCN_Beyonce02While there is always a lot of talk about what names are in and which ones are out, it’s always the middle name that tends to become forgotten after the baby’s sixth week of their life or so, right? I mean, let’s face it, the only time we use (or even remember) middle names are when we are sending out our baby’s birth announcements or when they nearly completely destroyed the living room carpet with paint that was supposed to be washable (“JACK JONATHAN!”).

Well, sometimes it’s a good thing when we forget about our middle names, especially when they can be more embarrassing as you get older in life. Hugh Grant’s parents must have had one heck of a sense of humor when they gave him the middle name Mungo (Hugh Mungo… get it?) while Elton John’s mother and father must have known that he was destined for greatness when they gave him the middle name of Hercules (how can you go wrong with that?). And then there are people like me who don’t have a middle name at all (my mom would use to tell me that she though “Jo” and “Anna” was enough for a name).

Check out our photo gallery of celebs and their quirky middle names and let us know what you think!

  • Hugh Mungo Grant 1 of 10
    Hugh Mungo Grant
    LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL! Hugh's parents obviously had a very great sense of humor. I just hope none of Hugh's girlfriends thought of this as a let down, though.
    Source via Hollyscoop
  • Hilary Erhard Duff 2 of 10
    Hilary Erhard Duff
    Just like Matt Damon, Hilary's parents probably thought it would be cool to give Hilary a middle name that would better fit the opposite sex. I could never imagine calling out to my kid: "Hilary Erhard, you come here this instance!"
    Source via Hollyscoop
  • Elizabeth Stamitina Fey 3 of 10
    Elizabeth Stamitina Fey
    Actually, I like Stamitina but I can see where the name might be a bit of a tongue twister for Hollywood. Stamatina reflects the Greek roots of Fey's mother, whose first name, Zenobia, became the middle name of Tina's daughter Alice.
    Source via Name Berry
  • Kim Noel Kardashian 4 of 10
    Kim Noel Kardashian
    While I love the middle name Noelle (it's my daughter's middle name), I'm not sure why Kris Jenner decided to give Kim the masculine form of the name. It's still uber cute though.
    Source via Name Berry
  • Matt Paige Damon 5 of 10
    Matt Paige Damon
    Paige was actually Matt's mother's middle name, but I'm sure that was a fact he was able to hide from all the playground bullies at his school while he was growing up.
    Source via Hollyscoop
  • Beyonce Giselle Knowles 6 of 10
    Beyonce Giselle Knowles
    Actually, you can't hate on this middle name because it's gorgeous and naming your child Giselle almost guarantees that they are going to grow up to be a supermodel. I mean, have you ever seen an ugly Giselle? I didn't think so.
    Source via Hollyscoop
    Could you imagine how tiresome it must be for her to fill out the most simple applications with a name like that?
    Source via The Sun
  • Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom 8 of 10
    Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom
    His parents could have clearly stopped at Jonathan.
    Source via Fox News
  • Ali Gertrude Larter 9 of 10
    Ali Gertrude Larter
    Gertrude isn't quite in line with Ali's sexy on-screen persona, now is it?
    Source via Fox News
  • Kate Garry Hudson 10 of 10
    Kate Garry Hudson
    Now that wasn't very nice of Goldie Hawn, now was it?
    Source via Hollyscoop

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