State Wants Mindy McCready to Take Drug Test in Custody Battle


As reported, fallen country music star Mindy McCready is fighting to regain custody of her son Zander, who has been living with his grandmother for several years due to McCready’s substance abuse issues.  The state of Florida has asked that McCready submit to a drug test as part of the proceedings — and who can blame those doing the asking.  There was a lab technician ready to take a sample right on the spot, but McCready was given a reprieve until a later date.

McCready’s mother says it’s not actually her fighting her daughter, but the state is preventing McCready from regaining custody of Zander. The boy was originally taken from her for “failure to thrive” issues, in addition to McCready’s history of drug abuse and domestic violence.

In the meantime, McCready must provide better documentation she has been rehabilitated (she even offered to get Celebrity Rehab‘s Dr. Drew on the phone as a witness!) and can only have supervised visits with Zander when her mother is present.

Zander’s grandma told that the 4-year-old is attached to Mindy and hopes one day they can all live together.


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