Steal Nevada: Did Harry Reid Cheat To Beat Sharron Angle?

steal nevada
Did Harry Reid steal Nevada from Sharron Angle?

Did Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid steal Nevada from Sharron Angle? After Reid posted a clear five-point victory in last night’s election, agitators are insisting that he may have cheated to defeat his opponent, even though there’s absolutely no evidence of that.

Some bloggers are claiming that Reid could not have won fair and square because he trailed Angle by four points in some pre-election polls. Yet they have also not explained what he did to cheat.

Angle, a mom of two and grandma to 10, doesn’t seem ready to move on from politics, if her supporters are looking for another way to get her into office. She’s now being mentioned for a run at the Nevada governorship.

What do you think did Reid steal Nevada? Or is this post-election hooey?

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