Steal This Look - Claudia Schiffer & Her Striped Baby Bump (PHOTOS)


Claudia SchifferIt takes a certain kind of woman to boldly wear horizontal stripes when pregnant. But supermodel and expectant mom Claudia Schiffer takes it up a notch by wearing not just stripes but stripes in the form of a tight mini-dress. Yes, she’s a supermodel so regular rules don’t apply. Check out photos here.

Claudia SchifferAnd if you are equally bold, you can steal her look for less with this Oasis Bretton Stripe Shoulder Pad Dress from asos for $64.96.  And this ain’t no maternity dress, Claudia, as well as other equally svelte models, opt to just wear larger sizes of regular clothing. Sigh.
Would you dress your baby bump like this?

Claudia SchifferPhotos: INF PHOTO

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