Stephanie Seymour and Son: Where's The Line Between Affection and Inappropriate?

stephanie seymour and son
Stephanie Seymour and Son: Public Display of Affection

Stephanie Seymour and her son Peter Brandt II were recently captured in moment of beachside affection that has the internet abuzz.  In the pictures, the model mom is hugging and kissing her 17-year-old son in a way that evokes an image of his being her  significant other rather than her son.

Where is the line between showing affection for your kids and being completely inappropriate?

The image of Stephanie Seymour walking on a beach in a bikini kissing and hugging her son is rocking the Internet.  It’s making folks uncomfortable and bringing about the question of how much affection is too much when it comes to our kids.    While the image is risque it is a moment in time captured at just that moment that is meant to make us feel that ewwww response (and sell for a hefty sum to the tabloids).  The family is laughing off any scent of the affection being inappropriate and have deemed themselves as being affectionate with each other.    As long as the basis of the affection is familial love and not sexual in nature, your kids will let you know the level of PDA they are comfortable with.   I guess I shouldn’t feel bad that my ten-year-old will no longer let me give him a hug at drop off time at school!

Where do you think the line between affection and inappropriate behavior is when it comes to our kids?

Photo: PR Photos