Stephanie Seymour Shows Vanity Fair What She's Got


pbrandt-sseymour-vanity-fair-naked-photo-shootStephanie Seymour and her estranged husband Peter Brandt are getting nasty. Well, we knew they were getting nasty, but now that she’s taken her clothes off for Vanity Fair it might get worse.

Peter wants sole custody of their three kids, because he says Seymour is hooked on drugs and booze and has repeatedly cheated on pee tests to hide it. He also claims his estranged wife’s shopping habit costs $257,000 a month.

She claims he’s stolen art from their home in an effort to keep it out of divorce proceedings and is trying to turn her kids against her .

They are both so nasty that they both had to sign an agreement not to talk to the press. It was turning in to such a he said, she said type of thing that it was impossible to know who is telling the truth.

So is going naked in Vanity Fair the ultimate revenge,  like a nanny nanny foo foo to you? Or is it her way of tyring to get back on her feet and earn some money to spend since Peter took away her allowance.

I don’t know if their problem is ever going to be resolved, but it does seem like the kids are going to be hurt by both of their actions.

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