Steve Carell Leaves The Office and Focuses His Time on His Kids

The Office
Steve Carell focuses on his kids after leaving The Office

Funny man Steve Carell is officially done with “The Office.” So, now, his funny is focused on his kids! He told Ellen this morning that his kids are his hobby.

Since he finished filming The Office, he has taken his kids, 6 and 9, to Disney World and skiing.

He’s like any of us: when his kids were acting up in the backseat, he said “Don’t make me come back there!”

But, Ellen says that his kids can’t possibly be afraid of him.

Steve Carell says that he can still scare them a little bit. Joking, of course.

Hmm, if my kids thought I was joking about everything all the time, they’d never take me seriously. They’d probably run around like little hellions.  Steve Carell has to have a more serious side that he shows his family.  Either that or it’s always up to Nancy, his wife of 16 years, to discipline the kids!

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