Steve Carell Leaving The Office — Fans Weep, His Kids Rejoice


steve carell the officeSteve Carell confirmed today that he’s leaving The Office next May, when the 2010-2011 season ends.  He’s joking, right? Because that’s what comedians do, they joke.  But no, this funnyman is being deadly serious.

“I just think it’s time,” he told E! News’s Kristina Guerrero. “I want to fulfill my contract. When I first signed on I had a contract for seven seasons, and this coming year is my seventh. I just thought it was time for my character to go.”

I can’t name a single person who’d agree to that statement — except, perhaps, Steve Carell’s kids. Daughter Elisabeth is now 9, and son John is 6, ages at which they’d probably like to see more of their dad. Weekly TV is a grind during filming season. And while on hiatus, Carell has often filmed movies, meaning no break for this father. No word, yet, on how he’ll spend his post-Office career, though he has a number of films in development. Wife Nancy Walls seems to have no projects in the works.

The funnyman encourages fans to look on the bright side, insisting that Dunder Mifflin can survive without his lead character, Michael Scott. “It doesn’t certainly mean the end of the show,” he says. “I think it’s just a dynamic change to the show, which could be a good thing, actually. Add some new life and some new energy…I see it as a positive in general for the show.”

On this point, I defer to my husband, our household’s diehard Office fan. “This is the end for The Office,” he says.

Source: E! News