Steve Jobs a Style Icon Too? His Turtleneck is Selling Out!

Steve Jobs: Style Icon?

Steve Jobs is an icon of industry, an icon of communications, an icon of films, an icon of computers, an icon of business and marketing. But did you know that Steve Jobs is an icon of style too?

The Apple and Pixar CEO had a very distinct uniform. In all his keynotes, press conferences and presentations this leader of industry would wear a pair of light denim jeans (a bit on the high waisted side), a pair of sneakers (usually New Balance) and a mock turtleneck. And the turtleneck wasn’t just any turtleneck, it was a luxury high end shirt and one that is selling out quickly. What kind of turtleneck did he wear?

His shirt of choice was the black mock turtleneck by St. Croix, the high end American brand. A rep for the store told TMZ that they saw an “almost 100% increase in sales” since his death. And it will probably continue to be a strong seller. But this shirt doesn’t come cheap.  The ‘Full Turtleneck in Cotton & Microfiber Knit’ in basic black resales for $190. You can pick up some Steve Jobs style right here.

Image via and St. Croix


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