Steve McNair's Death - What the Police Know



The death of Steve McNair and the female victim is tragic. The police have a tentative identification of the woman found with him. As soon as the family is notified, the police will release her name.

The police are working quickly to gather the people from the condominiums to see what they now and are questioning visitors  to the condominiums at police headquarters.

It is unknown at this time whether the Steve and the woman were shot last night or this morning. The police were notified at 1:30 pm Saturday afternoon when someone called about people injured in the condo. It’s being said that the condo belongs to a friend of Steve’s. He’s known to stay in the apartment while in Nashville on business.

There isn’t anyone in custody right now and the police are not discussing how many times the victims were shot.

“We don’t know what the circumstances are that is related to this. There are persons who were around the complex today — visitors — who have been taken to headquarters for questioning just to see what they know.”

Let’s hope this is sorted out quickly for the family’s sake.


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