Steve McNair Update - Owner of the Gun Identified



The investigation into the death of Steve McNair  and Sahel Kazemi is ongoing, but the police are starting to piece things together.

Police in Tennessee have identified the owner of the gun that shot Steve McNair.

Don Aaron, spokesperson for the Tennessee police said, “We believe the pistol recovered from the apartment was purchased by Kazemi.”

This whole situation is so sad. His wife didn’t know he was dating someone else, and Kazemi believed that he was divorcing his wife to be with her. If this is a murder/suicide like the police think it is then there must have been a breaking point in the relationship. Perhaps after the DUI arrest Steve tried to break it off with her, or she wanted to know the time-line of their relationship.

Kazemi’s sister said that she believed that her sister/cousin would never hurt a fly. Not to be trite, but Hell hath no fury like  a woman scorned. A woman rejected in love can be very angry and dangerous.

Of course nothing is official yet, but it’s so tragic. His wife and kids are obviously deeply affected by this and our hearts are with them.


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