Steven Tyler American Idol Apology: Why No Apology For Simon Cowell?

steven tyler american idol apology
Was Steven Tyler American Idol Apology Real or Fake?

The Steven Tyler American Idol apology that appeared on the screen before the show last night had to be some sort of joke. After what went down right after the apology was issued, I don’t see how it could have been real.

Right after American Idol “apologized” for Steven Tyler’s “outrageous behavior”, a guy came into the audition room with the name “Muck”, and judge Steven Tyler asked him if he knew what “Muck” rhymed with. You can figure the punch line out for yourself.

If the Steven Tyler American Idol apology was not a joke, then what exactly did they feel the need to apologize for? Steven Tyler’s behavior really isn’t all that “outrageous”, if you ask me.

And if they felt the need to apologize for things that Tyler said, why was there never an apology issued for Simon Cowell’s behavior on the show? He made more than one contestant cry, even making fun of one of their stars weight (Mandeesa).

What do you think? Was the Steven Tyler American Idol apology real or fake?